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ENJOY A Kitchen That Fits Your Lifestyle

Your kitchen is for more than cooking—it is the central gathering place for your loved ones, utilized each and every day from morning breakfasts to family dinners.

Perhaps you’ve considered a more spacious kitchen for entertaining, or have thought about how much more enjoyable cooking would be with fully upgraded amenities. Your kitchen should match your lifestyle and meet all of your needs, while reflecting the unique personality of you and your family.

Enhance your kitchen and make it a special place for making memories. Let Juiced Home Improvements help you enjoy quality time with family and friends in a kitchen that’s tailored to you.


Your bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in the entire house, and it needs to function for every single member of the household.

Show your bathroom some love by enhancing its look and feel and making it suited for your family. With only a few adjustments, you can add character and a personal touch to your bathroom. Whatever your dream bathroom looks like, we’re here to take care of it.

Give yourself more space to relax with a customized bathroom, allowing you to feel renewed and ready for a new day. Trust us to curate the best solutions for your bathroom, and help you enjoy more moments of peace and serenity each day.


Your basement is a great source of extra storage space, but can provide so much more with the right layout and design. A basement renovation can give you extra living space to host family for a weekend, a dedicated area where you can gather with your friends on a Friday night and play games, or even a spot where you can enjoy a hobby away from the bustle of the main floor.

A finished basement adapted to your needs can enhance your entire routine and allow you to enjoy the activities that make you happy. Upgrade your basement to a space that reflects your passions, and inspires you and your loved ones.


If your DIY renovation goes wrong – which unfortunately can happen – it can turn into a huge headache.

Sometimes, the project itself is just too ambitious, and you’re left with a half-finished house and a maxed-out credit card.

At Juiced Home Improvements, we’re committed to giving you a fair price for your home, as well as peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Our Services

Whether you want to make your home more functional, create new living spaces, or upgrade the ones that you already have, we’re here to help.

A Home Upgrade That Brings You Happiness

With Juiced Home Improvements, you’ll no longer have to dream about a home that fulfills all your needs. We’re here to turn your vision into reality and improve the way you spend your time. Living in a crowded, impractical living space is frustrating, but with our expert specialists, you’ll be loving your home again in no time.

Whether you only want to give your kitchen a new character or have your basement upgraded, we’ll take care of everything. Leave it to us to bring the best solutions for all of your needs. Juiced Home Improvements will let you enjoy a hassle-free process that will turn your home into an exciting and beautiful place.

ABout Juiced Home Improvements

Juiced Home Improvements has been adding value to people’s lives with high-quality renovation services since 2019. We’re committed to improving your home and helping you live a happier life.

We are Grande Prairie’s number one trusted renovation company. Our main goal is to serve our customers in the best way possible by ensuring their wants and needs are taken care of at every turn.

Trust us to give you the home you and your family have always wanted, and relax knowing that we’ll take care of everything from start to finish.

How It Works

Let’s give your home an inspiring look. Enjoy a stress-free process that lets you love your journey to a new home.

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Get in touch with us by filling out our form. Give us all the information about your home renovation project. We’ll have a phone consultation to make sure we understand all your wants and needs.

We Get To Work

Get creative with your renovation project. We’ll help you find inspiration and ideas so that your home will look just as you want. After we agree on the upgrades, we’ll begin working on your home.

Enjoy Your New Home

Your home now has a brand new look and feel. It’s no longer just a place where you sleep and eat, but a place for making memories and fun activities. Get your family together and celebrate your improved home.

Our Portfolio

If you’ve decided to upgrade your home but aren't sure what fits your style, you can find inspiration by browsing our portfolio. See what reflects your personality and then let's bring your idea to life!


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Read what our satisfied clients think about our renovation services. You won’t regret joining them in choosing Juiced Home Improvements to help upgrade your home.

Such professionalism and dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction and beautiful results!

Denene L.


Great construction and renovations! The work is of fantastic quality. Should be your first and only call!

Nolan D.


Great service and quick response to what I needed. Highly recommend.

Jason S.