11 Brilliant Bathroom Renovation Ideas You’ll Love

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Beautiful bathroom remodel ideas come to life

Your bathroom isn’t working for you anymore, aesthetically or functionally. You’re becoming more and more frustrated as it continues not to look good or work as you need it to. This is where bathroom renovation ideas come in.

You can use these ideas to help design your ideal bathroom, the bathroom you love to get ready for the day in and unwind from at night. After viewing them, you’ll want to start looking for a bathroom renovation contractor right away!

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1. Move The Shower

Shower at end of bathroom

When you have a shower on one of the sidewalls, it takes up a lot more space than you think. It’s making your bathroom feel and be smaller.

You can open up your bathroom and create more room by moving the shower to the end of the bathroom. It doesn’t run length-wise, but it takes up the far end wall. Bathroom renovation ideas like this can help you fit in a larger vanity, add storage options, and more.

2. Fascinating Flooring

Bathroom with styled flooring

Many bathrooms have plain, dull tiles. They don’t disturb your bathroom’s aesthetic, but they also aren’t doing anything to help it look incredible.

You can make your flooring more interesting by adding more visually appealing tiles. They can have a design, be laid at interesting angles, or add a splash of color.

3. Double Vanity

Bathroom with double vanity

A single vanity is great when you’re single or have your own bathroom. Even then, a smaller single vanity doesn’t have a lot of counter space or storage area.

A double vanity is one of the bathroom renovation ideas that happens in every bathroom renovation. They’re so popular because they add more counter and storage space. You can also have more fun with the wider array of design options.

4. Tantalizing Tiling

Bathroom with intricate floor tile design

Small squares and specific colors are out when it comes to bathroom tiling. Certain looks are now bland or look outdated.

You can add some flair with the right tile! Create a custom design that’ll wow anyone who walks in. Or, go for a more simple design with the right tiles, like larger white subway tiles.

5. Sensational Shower Shape

Shower with non-rectangular shower shape

Rectangular showers are the standard when it comes to shower shape. So, it’ll work, but it’s expected and thus kind of boring.

You can subtly spice up your shower with sensational shower shapes! Make the doorway an archway, create a circular shower, or most any idea you can dream up.

6. Pattern Over Uniformity

Bathroom with patterned walls

Some bathrooms can pull off a one-color theme, but not all of them can. This is especially true for smaller bathrooms where one color can be sad and boring.

Adding patterns to the walls, or even half of the wall, is a great way to break up that dull uniformity! You can use tiles, paint, or even wallpaper.

7. Built-In Shelving

Bathroom with built-in shelving

Everyone needs more storage options in their bathroom, which is why bathroom renovation ideas like this one are so popular. Right, most of the storage is your countertop and vanity cabinets. You’re putting your toiletries on the bathtub sides or shower floor.

You can use built-in shelves to create more storage without taking up space. Shower niches, floating shelves, and medicine cabinets are a few great options.

8. Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tub in bathroom

Standard bathtubs take up space because they’re built into the bathroom. The extra tile used here is what’s eating up space. This style also makes bathrooms look outdated.

A freestanding tub frees up space and adds a wow factor to your bathroom. It looks modern and sleek, perfect for your bathroom needs.

9. Captivating Cabinet Colors

Teal cabinets matching wall paint

Plain white cabinets are lovely. They fit in with almost any color scheme, as does grey. But, these colors can be boring, which is where colorful bathroom renovation ideas come in.

Instead, you can add a splash of color by using a different color for your cabinets! Blue, teal, and black are a few popular colors you can use to give your bathroom a more captivating look.

10. Compelling Countertops

Beautifully patterned countertop

Your countertop may not be doing much for your bathroom’s look. At worst, it could be detracting from it!

You can spice up your bathroom’s look with a more compelling countertop. Beautiful marble, quartz, and other natural stones offer a unique look you’ll love.

11. Floating Vanities

Floating vanity bathroom remodel ideas

Regular vanities are great, but they can make your bathroom seem a little smaller.

With a floating vanity, you can make your bathroom seem larger. Also, you can use the space beneath the vanity for storing just about anything, including a little ladder for kids.

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