How Much Does A Beautiful Bathroom Renovation Cost And Why?

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The bathroom remodel cost is high for this high-end remodel

The cost to renovate a bathroom can go from $6,152 to $15,246. The national average is about $10,788. Wait, why is this bathroom renovation cost range so low?

It could be these are just for basic renovations (ours is about $12k on average). This cost range could also be because they’re only reporting for small bathrooms, the renovations only include lower-end fixtures and materials, or other factors could be what’s making it look so cheap.

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How Much Does A Bathroom Renovation Cost?

Bathroom with tiled shower

The cost for a bathroom renovation realistically ranges from about $12k to $63k and higher. The cost is around $70 to $275 and higher per square foot.

While it isn’t the cheapest home improvement project, it’s a significant lifestyle upgrade and increases your home’s value. You’ll know it’s worth it once you use it for the first time.

Our bathroom renovation page has more information on basic, average, and high-end bathroom renovation costs.

Factors Influencing Your Bathroom Renovation Cost

Large glass shower
  • Location and the associated cost of living
  • Bathroom size
  • Full or half bath
  • Cost and amount of materials such as cabinets, bathtubs, tiles, and more
  • If you need plumbing or electrical work like relocating fixtures or adding lights
  • If you’re opening the space up or not
  • Adding features for people with disabilities
  • Custom features like skylights and shelves

Some Questions To Ask And Tips To Know Before Starting

Shower at end of bathroom
  • Do you want a more modern and contemporary look or something more traditional?
  • Will you want to move any fixtures or appliances?
  • Does a disabled person need to have access?
  • Will you be tearing down walls to make more room?
  • Do you need a whole renovation or just some refreshing?
  • How long will it take, and will your bathroom be out of commission the whole time?
  • Consider the level of customization and premium finishes you want and can afford right now
  • If you’re going to sell your home soon, it’s a good idea to look into what’s popular right now

Find Out What Your Bathroom Renovation Cost Is!

You can contact us to get a better idea of what the vision for your bathroom may cost. Your bathroom renovation cost may change after you take a look at our bathroom renovation page.